Vinnie Ciccone

Vinnie Ciccone

My name is Vinnie Ciccone, I am thirty years old and I was born in Birmingham in the UK. When I was a child I moved to Naples, my father’s birthplace, where I still live.

The beauty and art that can be felt in this place affect me from the start: following my passion, I studied painting and artistic communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, where I graduated in 2009. Then travelling, the desire to discover the world and to find my way in contact with others, led me to learn and appreciate cultures and places different from mine.

During the summer break from classes at the university, I started working for some limousine service companies specializing in tours within the territory in which I live. A different path from the one marked by my studies, but that summer turned out to be special: amazing places colorful, full of passion, life and flavors. Places that anyone who is looking for real emotions deserves to see at least once in is lifetime. I still remember the first time I brought tourists in Positano, I was 21 years old, I parked my car for a ride in this enchanted place and I had the feeling of being immersed in a fairy tale: the walls of Bougainville, the sunlight that painted of white the hanging houses on the mountain, the smell that flowed from the kitchens of the many restaurants.

It’s true: Italian cuisine is the most delicious in the world. And it is one of those restaurants that I brought my girlfriend on our first date. Every day when I return to these spots I realize how lucky I am. All of us have to go to work every morning, and thanks to all the magic of these heavenly places, I go back each day with the same enthusiasm.

There are people among you who have been dreaming of this trip for a lifetime and have made many sacrifices to make it happen. I know that often when you are traveling you can find yourself in uncomfortable situations that can ruin your holiday. If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my travels is that everywhere I went there was always someone ready to take advantage of me for the simple fact that I was foreign. But it is also true that during those trips I met some of my today’s best friends. After all, who is a stranger if not a friend still to know?

Ten years have passed since discover and the discover of the beauty of my land has become my profession. Years of passion, experience and dedication that led me to undertake a risky bet but fascinating: create my own company.

Mine is an important mission: to make you feel at home. The experience has taught me that it is so rare but so good along the way to feel that way, surrounded by people who take care of you as would a dear friend you have not seen for a long time and takes you around his city. I believe a lot in my work and in the possibility of being able to offer such a service tailored to response every need you have in safety comfort and punctuality, and for that I personally selected my co-workers, making sure they are driven by my own motivations. Good people, sincere and very high qualified who you will never forget.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart” (Cited Confucius)

… Bon voyage!

Naples, April 2013

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